Which Subject or Course Should I go for?

Which Subject or Course Should I go for?

The most common question that is most frequently asked by students is what is the subject that we need to choose? What is the course that we need to go for? What next after undergrad?

These are the most critical questions and have a lasting impact on our career journey.

As Abraham Lincoln said,” The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

In these ever-changing trends in career markets and new careers coming up every year, the role of a career consultant becomes very crucial. Every day the needs of students are getting complex as the careers are becoming more and more specialist. For every problem there exist a specialist solution provider. For example: if you have a problem with your heart, you will consult a cardiologist than a doctor with having a medical degree. So the need for career consultants becomes more expansive.

We wouldn’t have had Sachin Tendulkar known as Master Blaster if his coach Ramakant Achrekar wouldn’t have recognized his talent and put him in the right direction.

Not every time you need guidance your friends, family, or relatives will be able to solve it. The process of career counselling begins from class 9th and goes even if you’re a working professional. It starts from choosing a stream to decide the right kind of subjects for you via the help of a psychometric assessment which maps your skillset with your interest areas so that to ensure success.

Skill Mapping has a 5-dimensional psychometric test that ensures 86% accuracy and is AI-backed.

So what is the process of Career Counselling?

To give you clarity and to solve this problem & get rid of these questions we have devised steps t reach from a point I am confused to I want to pursue a particular career from a particular college.

  1. Psychometric Test: It is an online mode of test and can be taken from your place itself, which focuses on 5 parameters i.e. interest, personality, work style, emotional quotient, aptitude, and basis these 5 parameters a personal report of the student is generated which are unique and we match it with relevant career options in which the student can excel effectively.
  2. Career Discovery: After taking up this psychometric test a detailed 34-page report is generated, which explains his personality type based on the answers given by him. The report also gives out the top 5 career recommendations which are suitable for the student.
  3. Career Counselling: A detailed report is discussed with the parent and the student discussing the career options which are revealed in the report and why only those career options are suitable for him. A 360-degree analysis and discussion are done about his future.
  4. Career Roadmap Planning: A detailed action plan is discussed with the student about his plan A and plan B discussing the colleges, universities, financial planning, and how are going to execute & achieve it.

At Skill Mapping, a bunch of knowledge repositories is also shared by the counselor with you to align your interest along with various other scholarship and college information.

The counselor ensures with follows ups that the student is on the right track and is managing well the school exams and entrance test (if any).

In this way, Skill Mapping ensures that we do not just provide just information but also give a game plan about their career so that they know what are they supposed to achieve their goals.

We ensure we do not just guide what to do rather explain how it should be done.

Happy Learning!

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