Our Service Offerings

Skill Mapping blends artificial intelligence and machine learning with strategic human intervention to ensure career success. So we guide your career-related decisions through relevant and standardized assessments approved by psychologists that can further help you understand better and therefore contributing towards the singular aim of helping students. We evaluate your interests, strengths, personality traits, learning style, weaknesses, and comfort zones so that our career counselors can advise you with best-suited career options. This is done with the help of a Psychometric Assessment that generates an overall profile after assessing the individual on various factors stated above. Finally, a Career Roadmap is proposed that gives you a clear picture of the options available for you in terms of an academic career and a professional career


Workshops on Overseas Education

Indian parents are keener to send their children abroad for higher studies. And that’s why they are increasingly willing to spend more on overseas education.


Parent Orientation

As every parent knows all too well, parenting doesn’t come with a handbook. We all just do our best to find the line between protecting our kids and letting them learn from their own experiences.


Profile Building

The ever increasing trend of getting good marks in high schools, calls for a more creative method of evaluation by the colleges to select the students who are “better than the best”.


Choice of School Boards

Over the past few years, a number of new education systems have emerged to be popular in India. We have latest additions in form of IGCSE and IB boards in existence with CBSE and ICSE boards.


In-School Workshops

The school along with their teachers play an extremely important role in shaping the career of their students.


Extensive Career Support

Superior support by career coach on calls, mails, chats to address and resolve all career related queries.


Course Selection

Drive students to prepare their career roadmap including colleges and courses by giving them insight into various entrances and procedures thereby


Career Assessment

Exhaustive evaluation using Artificial Intelligence based Stream and Career assessments to assess fitment with numerous career options and make career recommendations.

Soft Skills Training

Soft Skills include skills like communication skills, motivation, conflict resolution and emotional intelligence that are crucial to get through an interview or get a new job.

CV Writing

An impressive CV takes you one step closer to get selected for the new job. We help you to make creative and career-oriented resume that leaves a lasting impression on the interviewers.

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