List of Career to Pursue With Masters in English

List of Career to Pursue With Masters in English

These days, it is quite common to find people opting for English as their major. As of now, the subject provides a plethora of options to choose from, other than the typical ‘author’ and ‘journalist’.

Those who wish to pursue a career in English need to possess the following skills-

•Be good at writing at it is a requirement that almost every career related to the language needs.
•Be able to think analytically, creatively, and have a novel approach towards things.
•Have excellent communication as well as technical skills.

Choosing what suits you the best may really not be as easy as you thought it would be, and it’s quite alright. A lot of people initially take up the subject to become writers and novelists, but later on, either get confused by the wide range of alternatives the subject provides. Students get confused about what they want to and should pursue. Here is a list of options for you to explore that will hopefully help you reach a decision:

(1) Professional Writer
Probably the first and the simplest option that comes to one’s mind, an English major can take up a writing career at firms, companies, and a variety of organizations. Professional writers include the following-

(a) Grants Writers- They usually work with charity organizations, NGOs and community groups in order to help the former mobilize funds by conducting thorough research and passing proposals. Some of them are even self-employed and take on projects from museums and schools. They undertake fundraising appeals by writing grants and maintaining cordial relationships with other non-profit organizations and donors.

(b) Technical Writers- A technical writer is someone who documents and converts complex and difficult subject matter into understandable and concise text. They prepare guides, user manuals, equipment instructions, etc. They need to be adept in business writing and editing.

(2) Blogger A comfortable job providing you the opportunity to work from home, blogging or blog writing means writing content in the form of blog posts. Bloggers can write about a specific or a wide range of topics depending on what kind of blogging they do. Blog writers can be of two types- Hobby bloggers and Professional bloggers.

(a) Hobby/Personal Bloggers- These bloggers have their own personal blogs and websites. Their blogs mainly contain content that suits their own tastes and preferences and are more often carried out as hobbies rather than businesses.
(b) Professional/Freelance Bloggers- They write posts for their clients(firms, companies, other individuals) and get paid to do so. Their choice of topics is necessarily not limited to a particular subject and keeps varying.

(3) Media and Communication If you are articulate, have excellent verbal skills, and have a flair for turning something considered normal and mundane into ‘tea’, then this field is for you.
(a) Copywriter
(b) Journalist
(c) Editor (for newspapers, magazines and websites)
(d) PR (Public Relations) Manager
(e) Announcer/Anchor

(4) Writer Love to jot down your ideas and create new people in alternate universes? Then this profession is for you. You don’t need to confine yourself to something particular but can instead explore as much as you want and even challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone by choosing from the plethora of poems and novels, plays and movie scripts. However, you need to be proficient and passionate enough in order to succeed in this career.

(5) Teacher Those who like interacting with people and imparting knowledge, and most importantly have a high level of patience, can become professors/teachers in schools and colleges and teach subjects like literature, grammar and composition. A teaching license is required for the same.

(6) Law Since working in the legal field requires high proficiency in using language, the law is a great option for English majors. You can go for jobs like attorney, paralegal, or judge if you feel inclined to this field. A law degree is needed for the same.

(7) In the Field of AI Skills in English can also help a person take up a career in artificial intelligence (AI) as this field requires high proficiency in the language. Companies in the AI market are looking for English majors to aid in product development and customer service. Search is being conducted to develop natural language processing (NLP) software to help customers find what they need, thus reducing the need for a person to do the same task. Since this is an emerging field, high technical skills are not required; on-the-job training is provided for the same.

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