How to Upgrade Student Profile

How to Upgrade Student Profile

Past for one decade, there has been a rampant hike in the number of students who wish to move overseas for higher education. Also, the number of students scoring more than 95 % has doubled in the recent past. Thousands of applications keep pouring into universities for a few hundred seats. Indians are the second-largest nationality on any university campus worldwide with nearly 750,000 students moving overseas every year for higher education. Canada, UK, the USA being a topmost destination on their list, few more have been added to same like Germany, France, Netherlands, Norway and many more.

Therefore, in order to reserve a seat in elite colleges of the world, the student has to be more competitive and make their application stronger. What makes each student outstand amidst thousands of applications is the profile they present in front of the University admission committee. So, it is very important to build your profile that grasps the attention of the committee members instantaneously.

Whereas academic scores have always been the first criteria of selection by universities but universities look beyond these academic scores to attract talents to their universities. Also, students need to prove their potential apart from academics while applying to top foreign universities. And creating an outstanding student profile is not just a matter of one year but starts as early as in Grade 9 onwards. Because universities do not look at only academic scores, therefore students need to work and outshine in their interest areas may be with regard to the profession they want to pursue or their passion areas. Few possible areas where students can work all these years are:

  1. Research Area
  2. Internships
  3. Add on courses
  4. Volunteering works
  5. Additional Exams (APs/SATs/ACTs/GRE/GMAT)
  6. Summer schools
  7. Reading/writing books

At Skillmapping, we work in collaboration with students and create a profile according to students’ interest area and also as per requirements of targeted Universities in India and abroad.

To know more about how to work in these areas, keep following Skill mapping. You can also book career consultancy with Skillmapping for further guidance.