How Internships Can Boost Your Career Path

How Internships Can Boost Your Career Path

You need the experience to get an experience

Youth today is more distracted and confused while making their career decisions as the focus of our education system especially in developing countries has always been on classroom education and rote learning of concepts. Therefore, student today is not much aware of possible options existing in every line of business. Also, beyond options, he is not able to decide which industry or career is best fit for him/her as he has spent the majority of his educational years learning the concepts rather than their application.

And then in the current world where things are changing so abruptly, one needs to learn skills like flexibility, teamwork, time efficiencies, resilience, and many more. And this can be learned and exercised more in the practical world than in classroom settings.

Also, worldwide and especially in the western part of the world, the majority of students undergo internships or jobs before selecting their final subject of study. And slowly and gradually this trend has been increasingly seen in India wherein students have started joining internships at graduation level so as to gain work experience. Not only at graduation level, but the idea of internships is also fascinating even to high school students these days. In a process of applying for foreign universities, and to outshine all other applicants, students are realizing that work experience does make difference in their profile thereby the probability of getting selected gets higher.

Apart from all these, there are many more benefits provided by internships and a few are mentioned here.

  1. Explore career opportunities – Internships are platforms wherein students can get to explore and apprehend upcoming trends in a particular industry and can plan their career accordingly.
  2. Test particular career before completely giving your commitment – Manisha wanted to make her career in Journalism in India and when she saw an advertisement for a content writer, she applied for an internship so as to get a taste of her writing skills and experience, thereby contributing to her profile as well as an experience. Not only your liking, you also get to know your disliking in the particular subject area. Therefore, Internships are a wonderful experience to dip a toe into a few areas of interest before committing yourself entirely.
  3. Networking and connections – Although internships are becoming increasingly necessary to grab entry-level jobs, it is also helping youngsters to build up their professional connections to seek work opportunities in the future. Also having an internship in a particular field shows your passion and interest for the same.
  4. Gaining Transferable skills – Internships not only provides you with job training but also it helps students gain transferable skills like Time management, organizing, persuasiveness, Team working and all the more communication skills. Students after going through internships felt they are better working with deadlines now than before.
  5. Something to talk about in Job interviews – Today in this revolutionary world, degrees won’t make you stand out but work experience definitely will. These platforms help students in recognize themselves better and also content to talk about in interviews. Even employers felt that these internships have helped students understand skills employers are looking for and they upskill themselves accordingly in their graduating years.

An experience gained will never let you fail. Academic knowledge alone cannot suffice in your learning process. Internships can accelerate and upscale students’ careers. Graduates with no or non-relevant work experience are offered less compensation than someone with experience in the same job. The internship is the safest and nurtured way to explore the job market in your industry. The internship experience teaches you about yourself and helps you to gauge your strengths and your areas of potential improvement. Many international students who intern while they study abroad have used the opportunity to gain some soft skills and improve their employment prospects in the long run.  Internships offer a great platform to gain real-time work experience while studying, learn new skills, interact with people in the industry and stand out from the rest of the crowd when applying for jobs.


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