Careers battle in Teenage Minds

Careers battle in Teenage Minds

To all the upcoming artists, web developers, bank managers , CA’s ,Doctors  and the infinite possibilities of career . let me aware you that you are not the only one finding the best possible answer to your question “ what is going to be my career”.  Making the understanding a bit clear lets reframe the question and which should be ,What is the right career for me??  Some people really feel the weight of this choice, and it scares them. I see this a lot with students. What if I choose the wrong major in college? What if I get a job I don’t really like? What if I start a business and end up hating it? Those are all good questions. It’s great to be asking them ahead of time.

Let me tell you it’s completely OK to be anxious about your career choice but that fear should not stop you from exercising your ability to wisely choose for yourself.  And to add to it its even possible where you put your 200% and make a choice right according to you but probably proves wrong when you land into it. But still you need to keep your head high and walk this amazingly practical phase of learning. As for many youngsters their first career choice is not what they actually land up doing 5 years down the line.

  • The confusions of following your passion or choosing a career which may support you in recession,
  • Dilemma of choosing the most opted stream or fearlessly running behind your dream
  • Anxiety of scoring well in entrance tests or giving your business idea your best.

In all the parts of this what matters the most is your attitude to keep searching the best to your capabilities as you will never know until after you commit. Excellently mapping your skills in right direction is the only key to right career path. Embrace the period of confusions and seek clarity consciously wisely and patiently.

Still if you feel confused and you’re unable to choose a path for your career, there are experts around you in the form of career counselors – Skill Mapping, wherein we help you map your skills with your interests using psychometric assessments which are backed by Artificial Intelligence. We also provide training like resume writing, soft skills, profile building, Interview & GD preparation etc.

So, come down for a cup of coffee we are happy to plan your career ahead.

By Sakshi Gupta (MBA)