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Skill Mapping is an initiative out of passion and years of experience.


It’s a venture initiated by Dr. Shweta Miglani with the core motive to help students to map their skills with interests and thus implementing their career choices and achieve professional growth. The organization aims to lead in the industry using the latest assessment techniques and providing genuine consultation to build promising careers.



Students at the age of 15 and beyond are often confused about choosing the right course or stream and parental as well as peer pressure adds more to this anxiety. Since every child has its own personality traits, strengths, weakness, and areas of interest, it is not necessary that what works for one, may also work for the other. Moreover, careers in the job market are no longer linear. There is a tough competition going on in almost every type of field and considering the extent of hard work required to grow in any career field, individuals are becoming cautious in choosing the right career. Also, unplanned career decisions can result in stress and dissatisfaction. A systematic career plan can help you in building your career in the right direction and most importantly in a way that you like.  This is why the need for counseling has become personalized & expansive, continuously building & evolving with you and your goals & careers. Through evidence-based interventions & meaningful content, we provide guidance, resources & one to one counseling sessions that save you from the risk of any drop-out if you select any course or career by hit and trial method.

Recognizing the right skill aligned with your career journey or helping you choose a career path to execute your vision is a challenging feat. Skill Mapping is passionate about empowering your latent abilities to achieve success. We, at Skill Mapping, believe in creating a congenial environment, where the student feels at ease and is able to discuss his/her life and career without any hesitation. They get to know detailed information about the growth opportunities, current trends, and scope of different career options which sets a transparent roadmap for them ensuring a successful career path. 

Our Philosophy

Dr. Shweta Miglani, with her team, truly understands the gaps that exist in the mind-sets of our privileged Millenials. Leveraging her experience, an initiative has been taken in form of Skill Mapping Career Solutions. The platform aims at helping students succeed through a tailored approach that is backed by industry cum market knowledge and also assessment tools and processes.

Our Team

Dr.Shweta Miglani

Career Coach

Dr.Shweta Miglani (Career Coach)

Dr. Shweta Miglani has been in education industry from last more than 15 years. She has been an academician with numerous achievement highlighting her career starting from taking up varied courses to conducting researches with her students. She has been actively involved with industry in studying their requirements and therefore upgrading her students’ skills. All throughout her presence in the industry, she has dealt with 5000+ students, witnessing the myriads challenges faced by students at different stages of their life. Adding to their dissent, students today have a wide array of career options to choose from which is adding to their confusion. She believes that in this success-seeking world, where even sky is not the limit, Millenials should not settle for anything less than what they deserve.

Ishita Arora (Marketing & Training Head)

Ishita is a young budding talent picked and trained amongst these millennials only. She has been dealing with enterprising employees from last three years as she has been actively involved in recruitments and selections for UK, USA & Pan Asian Markets in across different functions. Having hands on experience in training employees with regard to interviews and GD preparation, she truly believes that skill development is the only solution to the challenging environment where an average life span of each career has been reduced to 4-4.5 years and where an employee may shift his career four to five times in his entire employment tenure. Bringing extensive industry knowledge, she leads marketing & Operations as well as training for Skill Mapping.

Ishita Arora

Marketing & Training Head

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